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Our interior design solutions are rooted in innovation, pushing the boundaries of traditional design norms to create unique and cutting-edge spaces that captivate senses

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We provide a wide range of interior design services, including space planning, color consultation, furniture selection, and lighting design, to create spaces that are visually captivating, comfortable, and reflective of our clients’ personality and lifestyle. 
our services extend beyond design,  we supervise on design execution & we take build part for special decoration sections


Largest Center in Amman

we Deign & execute Big

Manolia Beauty Center

Designed & Executed by millefiori, Largest SPA & Beauty Saloon Containing multiple makeup rooms, Turkish bath, Bride prep. room and more.

Design & Execution taken into account the need for practicality and functionality. The space has been carefully planned to ensure that all areas are easily accessible and that customers can move around freely. The designers have also taken care to ensure that the salon is easy to maintain, with durable materials and finishes that are able to withstand  daily use.

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Careem Booth

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Creating unique and engaging exhibition and gallery booth designs, designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and practical

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