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Commerical – Amman


Beauty Center – Amman

Hotel – Tabuk

Tri Clinics

Dentist – Amman

A.H. Villa

Residential – Amman

M.C. Flats

Residential – Amman



Coffee IceCream Shop & more

The ONO brand embodies a unique and eye-catching spirit, as its design is characterized by bright and refreshing colors that encourage activity and promote vitality and health. The Millefiori team worked on using visually comfortable color gradients, and skillfully coordinating them with modern and sustainable materials.

Natural and diverse fruit colors were used to highlight the beauty of nature and convey its lively spirit to the place. The direct lighting was coordinated on the different design elements to create shadows that blend beautifully with the colors of the ceiling and floor.

Unoo coffee bar



SPA & Beauty Center

The design concept of the Magnolia Spa Resort is inspired by the unique Magnolia flower, where the pearly white color dominates the flower. The colors of the flower were extracted and used to decorate the walls, ceilings, and floors, reflecting cleanliness, tranquility, and elegance. 

Main hall

The walls and Ceilings were adorned with carved plant motifs on wood, and golden colors were used to add a touch of uniqueness and luxury to the design. Fabric and furniture colors were also chosen to complement the color gradient of the Magnolia flower. From a functional standpoint, the salon was divided into different areas to meet the customers’ needs, and to ensure the place meets the highest standards of harmony and beauty.


Landmark Hotel

Hotel Suits

The overall interior design style of the Landmark Tourist Facility in Tabuk is a modern classical style, where engraved decorations, modern patterns, and cool dark colors come together to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere with visual and mental calmness. Fabrics and curtains with a velvety texture in colors derived from the general nature and unique Saudi heritage were used to enhance the design.


Tri Clinics

Dental & Surgical Clinics

Tri Medical clinics are characterized by their unique design, supported by knowledge and experience, and adhering to the highest standards of internal clinic design with an area of approximately 180 square meters. The Millefiori team divided the space into clinics, a laboratory, a reception area, and a waiting area, according to the functional requirements of doctors and patients.

From an aesthetic perspective, ivory white was used on the walls and ceilings, while natural oak wood and warm velvet fabrics were used in the furniture, reflecting cleanliness, relaxation, and spaciousness. Natural teak wood veneer was used on some walls and partitions to add luxury and elegance, and the glass was coated with gentle reflections to add beauty and reflect the lighting coming from the windows.

Reciption Zone


A.H. Villa


The interior design of a home plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. This spacious home with an area of 625 m2 features cool colors, using natural walnut veneer and natural walnut wood in addition to light-colored wooden panels to add luxury and elegance.


M.C. Flats

Various residents

For a long time, dark colors have been associated with luxury and luxurious tranquility, especially when used in a coordinated and bold manner. That is why our team at Millefiori has gathered modern materials and combined them with copper metal and soft lighting to meet the tastes of our clients and provide the comfort and harmony required in our designs.

Elegant themes

At Millefiori, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure that every element of our designs is tailored to their individual preferences and needs. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your space will be both beautiful and functional, providing a true oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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